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Article on benefits and unemployment. This is basically what I think.

Oh, and this is worrying:

The British Chamber of Commerce predicts that things will only get worse, with unemployment rising to 3.2 million by the end of 2010.

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Yes, definitely agree with that article - it's difficult to see how anyone could disagree (but I know people do manage to). I hadn't realised how differently other countries managed jobseekers' allowance, that's very interesting.

The article omits two important aspects of the discussion which commentators bring up:

- the unemployment benefit itself is only part of the picture, compared to housing benefit etc;
- all the benefits are means-tested rather brutally, so once you get into the system trying to work your way out of it simply puts your income at risk, which is madness.

pjc50 has made the key point: the disincentives to work are nothing to do with a 'cushy' life on sixty quid a week - it's the punitive withdrawal of benefits when you find casual work that might (or might not) lead to a settled job that lifts you out of the need for benefits.

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